College Prep For Parents

College Prep For Parents was born out of years of working with high school students, college students, and their parents. The transition into college is much harder than parents and students anticipate! While there are lots of resources for helping parents navigate the academic side of entering college, there are very few resources available to help parents navigate the unique interpersonal challenges that their student will face. This workshop is designed to help YOU help YOUR STUDENT transition into independence more smoothly by discussing:

  • Important life skills your child needs before starting college (not just how to do laundry!)

  • Effective communication to avoid conflict with your student (and so your student actually tells you stuff!)

  • How to effectively support your student (without pushing them away!)

  • Basic understanding & warning signs of mental health concerns

  • Suggested resources

College Prep For Parents is created and hosted by Meghan R. Anderson, LPC, M.ED, NCC. After working in private practice for almost 10 years, Meghan has spent years working with high school and college students as well as hearing the concerns of their parents. Counseling is usually initiated after struggles have already begun and even heightened to upsetting levels. The goal of this workshop is to provide parents & students with preventative resources & strategies ahead of time!

Who is this workshop for? This workshop is designed for the parents of all college students, in particular those with incoming freshman, regardless of which college they attend. Registration will cover attendance for 2 parents within one family. A workshop for students only may be added to the list of events at a future date.


Oxford Conference Center Auditorium

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