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 Tween Talk was born out of 3 experiences:

  1. I am a therapist who has worked with “tweens” for years

  2. I am the mom of a “tween” (10 year old girl, rising 5th grader)

  3. Other moms come to me regularly to vent & ask for feedback BECAUSE I am a therapist & mom of a “tween”!!

“Tween” is a term that refers to kids ages 8-12 because they are in an “in-between” phase of life (get it?!). And it turns out that being a “tween” is really challenging for the kids AND the parents! Not only are they struggling with the transition of a new school every 2 years, but their friend groups are changing, academic pressure is rising, awareness of self and the world is increasing, and … HORMONES! The combination of all these elements appears to be creating an intense level of stress and anxiety.

Because we as parents did not experience anxiety like this at such a young age, we are struggling to understand it. We are finding this unique kind of anxiety difficult to verbalize, therefore, unable to help our kids learn how to verbalize it. And if we can’t put appropriate words around it, how can we help them (or ourselves)??

This workshop is designed to help YOU help YOUR TWEEN navigate the “tween” years more smoothly through our discussion of:

  • Identifying the different types of anxiety our “tweens” are experiencing

  • More effective language to use when communicating with your “tween”

  • Tips & tricks to teach your “tween” coping skills and ways to manage stress & anxiety

  • Basic understanding & warning signs of mental health concerns (now & for the future!)

  • How to effectively support your “tween” without increasing stress & anxiety

Personally, Meghan is the mom of 2 “tween” girls, ages (almost) 8 & 10. She has become acutely aware of the unique struggles that “tweens” and their parents are experiencing academically, socially, and interpersonally. She has spent a great deal of time taking inventory of the common issues and struggles that continue to arise in her daughters’ lives and the lives of their peers. It has become clear that parents are feeling lost in knowing how to help their kids through this confusing & unique stage. This is how the idea of Tween Talk was born.

Counseling is usually initiated after struggles have already surfaced and even hightened to upsetting levels. The goal of this workshop is to provide parents with preventative resources, strategies, and education ahead of time!

Who is this workshop for? While this workshop is designed for parents, it can also be useful to anyone who works with and serves as a support system for “tweens” ages 8-12, including caregivers other than parents, teachers, youth group leaders, etc. Parents from all schools and districts are welcome! Registration will cover attendance for 2 parents within one family. There will be no childcare available during the workshop so leave those “tweens” at home in front of their iPads (just kidding).

August 13, 2019

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Oxford Conference Center Auditorium

Tween Talk
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