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**An online workshop that you can listen to on your own time in the form of a webinar**

  • Part 1:

  • Plus: a comprehensive outline of the recordings that will serve as a reference guide

  • Hosted by a Licensed Professional Counselor with 13+ years of experience

About Self-Care & Sanity?

What do you think of when you hear the term SELF-CARE? Getting your nails done? Getting a massage? Taking a bath? Sure, those things are a great way to get a few minutes alone but they are what I refer to as “superficial self-care” … quick outlets that are beneficial but not life changing. If you have ever looked up self-care suggestions (you know you have!), you have probably stumbled across lots of lists of “superficial self-care”. And if you are like me, you have likely rolled your eyes at many of the suggestions. How is taking more baths going to make me feel more confident, empowered, or enlightened? I’m a big supporter of baths, but they are not the secret to self-care!

REAL self-care goes deeper than that. It is about learning how to get your lost time back, set boundaries, be in control of your own life … preserve your SANITY!!

As women, we tend to put ourselves LAST and put everyone’s needs before our own. We have been taught to feel guilty for putting ourselves first … or even focusing on ourselves at all! If we are the life preserver that keeps our family & friends afloat, shouldn’t we be allowed to hang on to our life preserver too?

This online workshop is designed to arm you will multiple life preservers that will actually keep you afloat! Let’s scratch the surface of what REAL self-care is & how it can save you from the insanity of our day to day lives through a discussion about:

  • The most common reasons why women seek out therapy (that they don’t realize!)

  • Strategies for beginning a new self-care plan

  • Tips & Tricks for irrational thinking (anxiety), time management, and self-awareness

  • Identifying toxic people

  • Why setting boundaries is necessary

  • Strategies for beginning boundary setting

  • Tips & tricks to setting boundaries with toxic people

  • Tips & tricks to setting boundaries around your time and energy

Who is this workshop for? Because women experience our own unique set of struggles when it comes to self-care, this workshop is designed for women of all ages, all walks of life, all relationship statuses, etc. Self-care is a necessity for everyone!

What You Will Get

  • Access to 2 downloadable webinars:

    • Self-Care & Sanity: Beginning Self-Care

    • Self-Care & Sanity: Toxic People & Boundary Setting

  • Access to 2 PDF Documents that include:

    • Categorized checklists for detoxing your life & setting boundaries

    • Detailed outline of the information discussed in recorded webinars

    • Comprehensive list of the symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Grief, & Trauma that you may be overlooking

    • Suggestions for superficial self-care

    • A workbook full of thought provoking questions & writing prompts that will help you narrow down insecurities so that you can begin to tackle them & break the cycles that you find yourself stuck in

Self-Care & Sanity is hosted by Meghan R. Anderson, LPC, M.ED, NCC. Meghan has been a practicing counselor for 13+ years, 10 of which have been in private practice! Traditionally, women make up the majority of those who seek counseling which has given Meghan more than a decade of insight into the ways that women feel helpless & clueless to incorporating self-care into their lives. After a major episode of “burn out”, Meghan had to (humbly) learn what true self-care was & how to redesign her life around it. It is now a passion to teach other women how to do the same!

The goal of this workshop is to provide women with self-care education & strategies. However, it does not replace the experience of ongoing counseling with a licensed professional. All information provided is grounded in both professional & personal experience.